Working With Business Clients

Agencies, Corporations, and Universities

Susan continues to work with a variety of ad agencies, B2B and B2C companies, government and trade organizations, policymakers, and universities. Although her projects vary in scope and duration, Susan’s objective is always the same. Deliver top-notch actionable content that informs and engages the end-user.

She has analyzed competitors’ content platforms, assessed industry trends, developed surveys, conducted “Voice of the Customer” interviews, written white papers, and penned blog posts and press releases. Given her business experience in the financial services, financial technology and insurance industry, her engagements often include collaboratively brainstorming with advertising and marketing professionals about content strategy. She has developed multiple educational courses and workshops for both in-person and online use by employees, students, and attorneys.

If you are an advertising, marketing, sales, or learning professional, contact Susan directly or via Linkedin to discuss your content creation needs.

Working With Editors

Books, Magazines, and Newspapers

Susan has published in leading U.S. and international magazines and journals to great acclaim. Readers and editors appreciate her clarity, logical presentation, depth of knowledge, solid fact-checking, and ability to simplify complex concepts. Some of her articles reflect her direct pitching to editors based on that publication’s style guide, editorial calendar, current events, and subscriber interests. Other articles reflect an editor’s outreach to Susan with a specific topic and timeline.

Susan is familiar with industry editing standards, including AP and MLA rules. She favors short sentences over long and avoids jargon whenever possible. She has written in her name alone as well as writing with co-authors. She regularly works with illustrators and IT professionals to deliver content in print, audio, video, and digital formats.

If you are an editor and want to discuss a one-off article, series, or special supplement, contact Susan directly or via Linkedin message.