Dr. Susan Mangiero has a long history as a educator, distinguished speaker and well-respected author. Attorneys who engage her as an economic expert regularly acknowledge her strong communication skills. Visit the Testimonials page for a her of the many compliments paid to her for her professionalism, focus on quality and ability to speak plainly about complex concepts.

Dr. Mangiero has testified multiple times as part of both civil and criminal proceedings. She has appeared in a variety of legal venues to include arbitration, enforcement, federal court, state court and regulatory oversight hearings.

Her guiding philosophy is to share insights and explain relevant concepts as clearly as possible on behalf of the individual(s) tasked to try facts. A teacher at heart, Dr. Mangiero knows well the need to avoid excess use of jargon, overly technical terms and abstract statements. She regularly employs relatable analogies, case studies and words and sentences that make sense. Her ability to explain complicated ideas and financial structures to a lay audience is a major advantage to attorneys and their clients in search of an expert who can facilitate a smoother process of adjudication.