About Susan

A Business Writer With Industry Experience

Susan Mangiero, CFA, MBA, MFA, PhD is a 15+ year veteran of the financial services, financial technology, and insurance industry. She understands the importance of teamwork in setting goals, identifying the needs of information end-users, and producing deliverables on time, and within budget. Unlike many business writers, Susan has held various financial industry jobs, including derivatives/currency/bond trader, compliance risk manager, fiduciary expert, investment manager, educator, consultant, data analyst, and content management start-up entrepreneur. She has a unique perspective about how successful companies sell products and services.

Her content creation experience includes projects with technology developers, asset managers, valuation professionals, institutional and retail insurance company marketing teams, corporate treasurers, attorneys, U.S. and international regulators, policymakers, certification training organizations, and universities. 

She holds a PhD in finance, an MBA in finance, and an M.A. in Economics. She is writing a book about corporate brand storytelling best practices based on 60+ interviews and 12+ months of research about persuasion techniques and neuromarketing for her MFA in Creative and Professional Writing thesis. Her professional designations are based on satisfying rigorous knowledge and experiential requirements.

Susan is dedicated to continued improvement of her skillset and awareness of industry standards. She is a proud member of the American Society of Journalists and Authors (ASJA), Authors Guild, Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, CFA Institute, National Society of Newspaper Columnists, New York Women in Film and Television, and Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. She completed Six Sigma Green Belt training and earned HubSpot Academy Inbound Marketing certification.

Susan’s numerous publications include: one business book; one book about kindness; chapters in four business books; over 100 presentations to attorneys, CEOs, CFOs, middle managers and executives with accounting, financial, IT, legal, and operations responsibilities; over 1,000 blog posts about business ethics, productivity tools, and industry trends; more than 50 articles in leading business and technology journals and magazines; and dozens of presentations prepared as a ghostwriter for industry executives.

Susan’s Philosophy

Keep It Simple and Don’t Be Boring

If you take a mental vacation while watching tedious ads, reading jargon-laden research papers, and listening to monotonous vendor pitches, you are not alone. Like you, Susan has endured her share of unexciting communications. She understands the need to convey information about serious topics but also knows it’s moot unless people pay attention to the message. The conventional wisdom is marketers get eight seconds before people tune out.

Susan delights in working with clients who share her passion for empowering others through knowledge. Her dedication to creating relevant, memorable, and impactful content that counts is why she established I Paint With Words, LLC.

Susan is a big believer in getting to the point, using both words and format to effectively communicate with a specified target market segment. She is an advocate of using humor and heart to tell brand stories. Evidence repeatedly bears out the importance of connecting with others authentically, with empathy and respect.

The world of financial services, financial technology, and insurance is fascinating and vital to consumers. Marketing does not have to be boring. Innovative companies have a golden opportunity to captivate prospects and customers with stories that resonate and stick.

As her clients know, Susan is a problem-solver. She loves challenges. She is adept at creating content in different mediums, digital and otherwise. As she likes to say, “If you can’t easily explain something in a few words, you’ve lost the chance to persuade. No one buys a product. They buy a solution to their problem from people they trust. Content must reflect that reality.”

If you are ready to take your content to the next level and want to work with a collaborative business writer with industry experience, contact Susan today.